Are Canadian salaries really that much lower?

It’s strange but in Canada, the salaries for Software Developers is quite a bit lower than what is common just across the border in the USA. 


* Junior Software Engineer (<2 years experience):  $40,000 CAD ($30k USD)   vs   $60k

* Software Engineer (5-years experience):                $80,000 CAD ($60k USD)   vs $120k

* Senior Software Engineer (10-years experience):  $120,000 CAD ($90k USD) vs $180k

These are very rough numbers, I’m comparing Toronto salaries to Mid-west/Chicago salaries here.  

That means that American Software Developers make twice the effective salary, plus they enjoy lower taxes!

That’s why I recommend that ambitious Canadian software developers to work remotely.  There’s several ways to do this. is a great website for finding remote jobs at high salaries.

Another is moving to the US to enjoy the same salaries.  The TN visa allows for this, it is especially easy if you have a related 4-year degree, or 10 years of consulting experience.